The Diabetic Duo Society Has Been Created
To Share The Tools That Have 
Helped Hundreds And Could Save Your Life...
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The Diabetic Duo Society Has Been Created
To Share The Tools That Have 
Helped Hundreds And Could Save Your Life...
Diabetes Is A Nasty Disease And 
The Effects It Has On Your Heart Is Alarming
  • Exactly how to make your pancreas insulin/glucagon mechanism work for you with the food you eat instead of against you with diabetes.
  • The No.1 single most important element of the human body that effects how your body regulates your blood sugar.
  • The true impact of your body's “Mighty Muscle” and how it is really affecting your body's ability to regulate diabetes.
  • Delicious, diabetic friendly recipes that will have you feeling like you are cheating on your diet. 
  • A Simple Step by Step Nutrition program that you can start using today and start feeling different within 72 hours. No calorie counting, no starving, just simple, practical solutions to a healthy diet. 
  • You will discover which supplements you really need and why the majority of the supplements you take can be thrown away. 
  • For less than dinner for two you can literally change your life and how you deal with Type II diabetes and maybe just eliminate that diagnosis from your records! Hit Subscribe Now and get started today. 
The Diabetic Duo: How Two Personal Trainers With Over 30 Years Of Experience Help Clients Regain Their Health And They Can Help You Too ...
The uplifting news is that you can carry on with a long and sound life by keeping your blood glucose (sugar) levels in the target range. You can do this by:
  •    Eating "balanced" dinners and snacks (which you will learn how easy this is)
  •    Enjoying movement  (not spending hours in the gym)
  •    Monitoring your blood glucose (sugar) utilizing a home blood glucose meter
  •    Aiming for the proper body weight through sound lifestyle principles
  •    Taking diabetes solutions and working with your care team to have you in control of your disease, not your disease in control of you 
  •    Managing stress successfully
Dear Friend,

Let me introduce the Diabetic Duo now and how they are changing lives of diabetics all over the world...

Chris Hill, is the 17 year owner of Personally Fit training studio in Longview, Texas. Chris started Personally Fit in 2004 and has dedicated his career to helping people transform their lives with balanced nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. 

Chris has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA, and Certified Nutritionist along with multiple other certifications. 
Kevin Buchanek started working at Personally Fit in June 2004. Kevin graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor degree in Exercise Science. Kevin also received his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise. 

Kevin is not your average trainer, with his experience in physical therapy, water therapy, cardiac rehab, and pulmonary rehab he has been able to assist a vast array of clients over the years.

Kevin finds his biggest joy in helping clients with special needs such as diabetics. Besides contributing to the diabetic duo newsletter he carries a full time case load of clients with a variety of physical limitations. Over Kevin's career he has helped 1000's of clients, make life changing results. 
What Is Type II Diabetes (a little bit about the disease)
Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which your pancreas does not create enough insulin, or your body does not legitimately utilize the insulin it makes. 

Subsequently, glucose (sugar) develops in your blood as opposed to being utilized for energy.

Your body gets glucose from the foods you eat such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, grain and many other products.

To utilize this glucose, your body needs insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps your body to control the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood.
Why The Diabetic Duo Can Help
Kevin and Chris have over 30 years experience helping clients just like you overcome Type II diabetes. With their real, in the trenches experience, they can help you too. They can provide the latest and greatest methods of how to oversee diabetes and learn how to create a lifestyle that promotes being diabetes free.

They will show you that you are the most critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to your health! You shouldn't put your disease in someone else's hands. With their simple method to healthy eating you will notice an instant change in blood sugar, energy, and the way you feel. 

The Duo notices that one of the biggest factors to helping their clients reach their goals is to make sure they completely understand that making healthy nutrition choices and giving up certain "trigger" foods is key for long term success.  
With a positive and practical disposition towards your diabetes, the duo can help you oversee it. Stop relying on medications and learn how your foods and your lifestyle choices are the true long term fix. 

There are seven basic self-care practices in individuals with diabetes, which anticipate great results. These are adhering to a good diet, being physically dynamic, checking glucose levels, staying consistent with medicines, having great critical thinking aptitudes, healthy adapting abilities and hazard lessening behaviors. 
The Diabetic Duo has created a monthly newsletter that will teach you these seven principles in depth, plus many more tools needed to control your diabetes. You will learn real, day to day nutrition and activity strategies which will show you how to manage and in some cases even reverse your diabetes. 

How would it feel to finally know you have the answers for your diabetes and not have to rely on your Doctor for every answer? 

Our newsletter is not at all like a large number of newsletters accessible on the web today. We don't send a distribution that comprises of simply links to online texts and sites. We give REAL material we are using with our clients on a daily basis that is getting true results.

We urge our readers to download and additionally print out each issue to keep in an organizer for simple reference. Each newsletter has healthy recipes, exercise programs and more things you can put to use immediately. 

We not only give you the tools to know what you need to do, but we also give you accountability tools that make turning your new habits into a lifestyle. 

Our clients pay thousands for just the nutrition advice given in the Diabetic Duo Newsletter.
Some of the highlights include:
  •  Unique recipes that are designed to control blood sugar and balance hormones for weight loss. 
  • Feature articles about proper foot wear, proper nutrition, and home exercise plans
  • Current news about item reviews, treatments and diabetes-related subjects (counting related conditions, for example, kidney ailment, elevated cholesterol, and hypertension)
Chris and Kevin are committed to giving the most educational and supportive diabetes-related information possible. The newsletters and email dispatches will keep you educated, informed, and motivated to continue living healthy and diabetes free. The information shared in this resource can literally save your life.

We provide incredible information about Type II diabetes you can not find on the internet, so don't pass up a great opportunity to get the greatest benefit from our newsletter!

There are numerous strategies to treat diabetes, for example, exercise, meditation, and weight reduction. Additionally diet assumes a noteworthy part in glucose management.

There are many eating regimens that can be utilized to treat diabetes, for example, the Paleo diet, South Shoreline diet, low carb diets, Atkins, and so on. Yet probably the most viable eating methods to help bring down blood glucose levels are using the nutrition plan developed by Chris for his weight loss clients he termed KISS (keep it simple silly) nutrition.  

By following the KISS method you do not have to count calories, starve yourself, and you begin seeing changes in your blood sugar within the first 72 hours. You also see loss in body fat!

As soon as you subscribe to the Diabetic Duo newsletter you get your copy of the KISS nutrition plan! 
You only have one body if you don't take care of it 
- where are you going to live?
To get access to our life changing newsletter please click the link below and get your first copy today. 
Is it worth it?

Well, considering that the majority of people who are diagnosed with diabetes have to alter their life from now on...
the clients who take action on the recommendations they find in our newsletter get back to life the way it was prior to this horrible disease.  

My personal clients told me I was crazy when I told them I was going to put all this monthly information out for $27. My private clients pay $149 per visit to learn the KISS meal program alone, then $75 per visit for follow ups.  

For $27 dollars you will not only get cutting edge nutrition to eliminate your diabetes, but you will be getting information on exercise, recipes, foot care, sleep health and much, much more! Everything you need all in one source. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the "Subscribe Now" button and get your first copy today.
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